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Our region is rich in cultural and natural history and our mission is to describe and interpret that history in a way that will make your visit pleasant, educational, and thought-provoking. We gage our success by the number of visitors who pass through our doors and so we will do all we can to make your visit to Delta memorable and hope that you soon return.

Our exhibits are designed to display the more exceptional aspects of our local heritage. Our history goes back a very, very long way; we have some of the best and most complete Cambrian and Ordovician geologic strata to be found anywhere in the world. The “Cambrian Explosion” began in our rocks and we have fossils to prove it; you can dig them up at U-Dig or New Dig, local commercial quarries. Human occupation in Millard County also goes back a long ways, at least to the Ice Age. There is a folsom site near Delta and Clovis points have been found in the area. The Fremont People lived here in large numbers and left numerous artifacts. Our modern communities were first settled in the 1850’s. Our displays from that time period center around the railroad, mining, and agricultural industries.

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Admission is free of charge; we are a 501(c)3 organization with an all volunteer staff and small operating budget so donations are welcome but our desire is more to have you come. Our hours are 10 AM until 5 PM during summer (about April 1 to October 31); for the rest of the year we are open on Thursday afternoons and Friday and Saturday. Call for more accurate times and to bring in large groups. We welcome school groups.

Next door is the Topaz Museum.


(435) 864-5013


45 West Main, PO Box 550,
Delta, Utah 84624

Mountain shape with outline and halftone texture
Mountain shape with outline and halftone texture
Mountain shape with outline and halftone texture